# Elimination 2

# Overview

Also known as Poison Alley, this challenge will keep you on your toes. Lots of powerful weaponry, including the coveted Grenade Launcher with fire rounds. Yes, fire rounds!

But there are also tons of enemies that are able to poison, and some others that can instakill. Bees, scissortails, bites and web spinners are around every corner.

There's a particularly nasty seed with tons of weaponry but extremely few healing items. There's also another seed which hides a very valuable secret outside the hospital...

As you can guess, Cindy is very useful with her herbs, as is George with his pills.

# Enemy List

  • Outside of R.P.D.: 2 x Web spinner
  • Outside of P4 Laboratory: 2 x Web spinner
  • East Concourse: 2 x Bite, 1 x Megabite
  • Stairs between 1F and 2F: 2 x Bite
  • Northwest Passage 3: 2 x Bee
  • 1F Passage: 1 x Bite
  • Owner's Room: 2 x Green Zombie
  • Outside of Abandoned Hospital: 3 x Scissortail (and some vines)
  • 1F Passage B: 2 x Web Spinner
  • Lakeside Area: 1 x Alligator, 1 x Bee
  • J's Bar Rooftop: 4 x Bee
  • B7F Experiment Room: 2 x Scissortail
  • East Main Street: 2 x Scissortail, 2 x Bee
  • Bridge to Hospital: 2 x Green Zombie (must be triggered by getting close to their spawning position. Also, look out for the three vines on the bridge.)

# Map