# Elimination 1

# Overview

Mostly zombies and hornbills, and the occasional licker/dog. You will usually get some handguns at start, but there's a particular seed that provides 4 empty Assault Rifles. This is the most dangerous seed, since it can be a while before getting hands on a AR clip.

Use melee as much as possible. David will make great use of batteries, concrete stones and iron pipes, while Mark will be very useful with his upgraded melee. Alyssa and Kevin will also be very useful with their potshots, especially from the Magnum handgun.

# Enemy List

  • Room 30X: 2 x Zombie
  • Warehouse: 3 x U.S.S. zombie
  • Connecting Passage: 2 x Zombie, 1 x Hornbill
  • 3F Nurse's Center, Zombie George, 1 x Zombie
  • B7F South Passage: 2 x Zombie
  • Break Room: Zombie Jim
  • Lion Stage: 2 x Dog, 1 x Hornbill
  • R.P.D. Rooftop: Zombie Kevin, 2 x Hornbill
  • J's Bar Break Room: Zombie Cindy, Zombie Will
  • Experimentation Chamber: 1 x Zombie, 1 x Dog
  • T-Shaped Passage: 2 x Zombie
  • Security Office: Zombie Mark, Zombie Bob
  • Cabin: Zombie Alyssa
  • B6F Control Room: 1 x Licker, Zombie Yoko
  • Pump Room: Zombie David
  • 1F Abandoned Hospital Hallway: 2 x Zombie
  • 1F Lobby: 2 x Zombie

# Map